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ÀVI~GICHËË is a unisex lifestyle wear brand that  compliments and enhances the physical representation of internal and external equilibrium. Geared towards those who seek quality, unique items, ÀVI~GICHËË garments are time-released and limited addition. Allowing for each handmade piece to truly reflect the constant process of redefining one’s self. ÀVI~GICHËË recognizes the need to speak for and to the underrepresented and underserved communities from which an immense amount of creativity, strength, and resilience have come. ÀVI~GICHËË supports the resources that provide empower positive outlets to those who seek them. Excellence is to be acknowledged, encouraged, and shared. Stemming from a belief that there is a circular existence between one’s self and the universe, those at ÀVI~GICHËË feel that what is released, is what is attracted. ÀVI~GICHËË is “A Life of Excellence.” Wear it and find your best self.